Yes, I Still Love Galway . . .

. . . In spite of soaking rains and winds that challenge walking and photography, although I did get some fun diagonal shots, and shots of cars’ tires. A storm called Lorenzo is headed this way, and elaborate efforts are being made against flooding. Trapped in my room again for the better part of the day, I thought going to the movies might be a remedy, but no, shows were canceled as well. The weather I’ve had here in Ireland is a crying shame.

Anyway, here are some level photos I did manage to capture. Enjoy.

These folks are in for a hard lesson in sandbagging.

Live all you can. It’s a mistake not to. Even if it’s pouring and the wind is howling.

2 thoughts on “Yes, I Still Love Galway . . .”

    1. Well, it’s not pouring at this moment, so yea! Later today I’ll be inside the Abbey Theater attending the play Last Orders at the Dockside, so it don’t matter, as they say around here.


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